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Shannon Riley 

Phone: 0422 460 680


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Drop off - Pick up and Parking

To ensure safety of all children and smooth runnings of an afternoon, we would like to remind all existing parents and inform all new parents of the very important rules regarding drop off, parking and pickup. 

As we are located in a small business park it is very important that all parents, grandparents and anyone else dropping off or picking up is aware of the rules, uses common sense and consideration towards others including our neighboring businesses.

You are only allowed to drive into the premises to drop off and pick up, using the designated car spaces, that is our space #9, clearly marked BASEMENT and the space next to it, which is the general turning bay.

Please adhere to the 5km/h speed limit.

If you would like to come into reception, we require you to use on street parking or next door at Time & Tide Hotel, and walk your child into the premises using the yellow marked pedestrian walkway.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to drive into the narrow passage way past Apex signs, as to avoid any accidents whilst reversing.

Please be aware that our neighboring businesses do have to load and unload their utilities or trucks at times, so when you arrive you may see some utes/trucks in the premises.

We are constantly working with our neighbours to ensure that all students and parents can enter the dance studio safely, in particular by making sure that the yellow marked walkway is kept free at all times.

Our experience tells us that the busiest time is usually 3.30pm to 4.30pm, after which most of our neighbours will have finished their work day. 

We thank you for in advance for your cooperation. 

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